The Happy 8 Cafe, Ipoh

by - November 10, 2013

Mid term has finally ended on Friday and now it's assignments and presentations time! "In order for one to work right, one must first eat right" - Quoted by Melissa Tan. =P Okay, maybe not to eat right, but just doing my usual cafe hunting and trying around Ipoh. My family and I decided to tryout "The Happy 8 Cafe" today for lunch. It's situated somewhere near "Plan B" and "Burps and Giggles". There's actually 2 more new cafes around that area but then we can't afford to go so many at once.

The entrance of The Happy 8 Cafe

The first section of the cafe as you enter

When we arrived, proper tables for 4 were all occupied. So, we had a choice between bar tables or a special 'room' surrounded by bamboos. Although the tables and chairs are too low to be used as a meal table, it was indeed a wonderful experience and we get to have our little private family time.

This is how our little 'bamboo room looks like from the outside

Oh yeah, did I mentioned that this 'bamboo room' is actually above water as well? So we were actually eating above a little pond with Japanese Carp fishes in it. It was a little scary for me as I once had this dream when I was young, that I fell into a pond and got eaten by Japanese Carp fishes. I know, I'm being ridiculous. Hehh..

This is the bar setup area at the back of the cafe

There's outdoor seats as well

If you look at the top of the above picture, you'll see small tiny balconies attached to the building. Above this cafe is actually a hotel which is own by them as well. Not sure how much is the hotel rental but then this is indeed a good idea to earn more besides having income just from the cafe.

At the back lane of the cafe.
I'm not sure is this the lane, but according to my mom, this lane is where in the olden days, the rich men will keep their mistresses here. Or it could be another lane. Haha!

I was very impressed with the service of the cafe. I don't think we waited longer than 10 minutes and the food was served! Perhaps the other customers were already eating theirs so they only had to prepare ours, or maybe the service is that good. Haha! 

 I forgot the exact name for this but it's a Croissant.

Chicken Balognese Spaghetti 

Vegetarian Quiche

Hot Chocolate

For my personal opinion, their food taste great and the environment of the cafe is nice too! Hope to return here someday but my main target is to visit the others first before I repeat the same cafe. The prices are a little too inflated here but then it's definitely a wonderful experience. 

With my one and only sister

My beloved parents. Yeap, they borrowed my phone to camwhore just like how my sister and I did.
Aren't they just so loving and cute? HAHA!

Till my next post. Cheers ^^
Signing off.

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