Singapore 2013 | Day 1

by - January 04, 2014

WARNING: This post is going to be filled with LOTS of pictures. :P

This trip is my first trip where we departed from home at night, at 11.30pm! Initially we planned to leave at 12am, so that my dad could have more sleep before having to drive all the way to LCCT in the middle of the night. FYI, our flight was at 6.05am and few days before, my mom received an e-mail stated that all travellers are advised to be at the airport 3 hours before time which means we had to be at the airport by 3am! Anyway, my dad could not fall asleep whereas the rest of us did not sleep at all. Heh! Heh! For me, my bedtime is usually like after midnight at about 1am. So, there was no way that I could have fallen asleep at 9pm! Since everyone had nothing to do, except for me as I was blogging, we decided to leave half an hour earlier.

Quick selfie of me sititng on my luggage bag before leaving to the airport

One thing I like about car rides, is that you will fall asleep very fast even if you're battling with insomnia. I don't remember seeing my dad pass the toll booth and when I woke up, we were somewhere nearing to the airport already and we were half an hour earlier than what we have planned. I was half awake and half asleep but all of us got down from the car and into the airport anyway. Had a little midnight snack at Old Town Kopitiam, LCCT first before checking in.

My boarding pass. So fascinating right? Hehee! Of course it's fascinating because it's my first time flying with a boarding pass printed out on an A4 paper from the internet. I was wondering whether will they even accept it to allow me to go on board. LOL!

After going through all the procedures before we can board the plane, we were at the flight gate an hour and a half early. How I wish I was in my bedroom where I can just sleep peacefully rather than at the airport gate with all sorts of scary people surrounding me and I have to keep myself awake and to guard my luggage bag. LOL! I know it's unlikely anyone would want to rob your luggage bag at the airport unless they are that desperate for clothes or want to use you for drug trafficking or something. Heh! Heh! You'll never know right? So yeah. I was fighting my sleepiness at about 4.45am! The flight to Singapore was extremely short! It took us less than an hour to reach there. I was just about to fall asleep when they was an annoucement saying that we will be landing shortly, and there goes my sleep time. 


The moment when I step into Changi Airport, it's a whole 180 degrees turn! Everything is so high class and sparkly clean compared to LCCT, where you will feel danger everywhere! The last time I've been to KLIA was when I was 9 for a trip to Hong Kong with my family but I think Changi Airport is still way better than KLIA! Changi Airport looked even more pretty with the Christmas Decos all around it! It gives me a very jolly holiday season feeling. 

We were then greeted by my uncle who lives in Singapore at the arrival hall. Before leaving for breakfast, he first showed us something very special and unique at the aiport.

See those pearl/water-droplets like figure? Each of them is actually hung by a string where all those strings are attached to a motor above on the ceiling. So, what does it do to make them so special? They actually move up and down forming many beautiful formations of all kinds of shapes and objects ( such as an aeroplane ) but most of the time, they just form into different designs and patterns. There's a short video below that shows how they move together. It may seem nothing from the video, but the feeling's totally different when you get to watch it there with your own eyes. :)

Sorry for the low quality of the video, as I had to convert it into a different type of file to be able to upload it here.

In order for one to have the energy to walk around the whole day, one must first eat! My uncle took us to a coffee shop in Bedok, Singapore to try the nice breakfast that he finds it nice, and also where he usually takes his breakfast. That area reminded me so much of Island Glades, Penang, where my grandma stays. 

This was what my uncle recommended for us to try. It taste a little bit like Wan Tan Mee but only diferent, in a way. It's suppose to go with some spices but it was even too hot for my mom. So, I wouldn't want to take the risk of trying it as I will definitely not wanting to spend my days in Singapore looking for washrooms. 

We then headed to my uncle's place in Pasir Ris, Singapore. A very spacious condominium located at a very convinient location I would say. It was the rainy season as well during our stay there, so it was already cooling without turning on the fan. After we have unloaded our luggages from the car, we headed out straight to Marina Bay Sands (MBS) area via public transport (bus and MRT). Each of us were given a prepaid card, something like Touch n Go so that we would not have to line up everytime when we want to board a MRT. 

Honestly speaking, I think I will get adapted to Singapore more easily than KL. The MRT lines are so much easier to understand, that I think I can actually travel alone to Singapore in the future without relying on cabs. Besides, it's the world's #1 safest country for a woman to travel alone and yes, I do feel very safe there that I don't even have as much fear of getting robbed compared to when I'm Malaysia. I would really consider of migrating to Singapore in the future.

So, after much walking and taking different MRTs, we finally reached Gardens By The Bay, which is also MBS area, I think. MBS and Gardens By The Bay are like just a road across from each other. Heh! Heh! 

What I see when I look to my left :

What I see when I look to my right :

Yes, it's just that near! I was surprised too that it's so near to each other. At first, I thought it's 2 total different place. Hehee!! Oh yeah, that day was pretty cloudy as well. So the pictures are not that nice. How sad. :( 

We then took a shuttle van that drove us all the way into the area. We only walked at the surrounding as the entrance fee into those big giant trees and also the greenhouses was not really worth our money for people like us. Heehee! One of the greenhouses had a waterfall in it and that really attracted me to want to go in to have a closer look but, no. I did not have that chance to. Hence, only got to take pictures at the outside of the place. 

The shuttle that drove us in

A view of Singapore Flyer from Gardens By The Bay

It's so windy that our hair were flying around messily, except for my cousin brother, David's hair of course
We are fabulous! XD

With Catherine :) We used to stick to each other every time we meet when we were much younger :)


After having enough time walking around Gardens By The Bay, we made our way to Marina Bay Sand's mall which is know as 'The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands', but I just call it MBS' Mall. Heh Heh! Things there are like totally unaffordable for people like me. All branded stuff and everything is in S$! But it's definitely a nice place to hangout. Some pictures that I took around the inside of the mall :

Oh yeah, Louis Vuitton has an outlet sorta floating outside the mall which is connected by a deck. Okay, I don't kow how to describe it. LOL! Picture says and explains it all.

We had lunch at a restaurant called '1983'. Their Nasi Lemak is supposedly to be famous, but I did not try it because sadly, I can't eat spicy food. How unfortunate. I've been training myself these days but whenever I take spicy food a little too much, I always end up having tummy upset. It's like I have a limit of spicy food intake. LOL! So, yeah. I just ate chicken rice instead while the others tried the Nasi Lemak. 

After lunch, we headed for the Marina Skypark which the entrance is from Tower 3 of MBS. It was drizzling but then we still went up anyway as we didn't have much to do there. It's a benefit in a way that it's not burning hot but strong and cooling breeze. Wasn't satisfied with my photos because everything was cloudy and it makes the pictures look blur. Well I'm sure a professional photographer can just take a picture perfectly even if there is a thunderstorm! LOL! 

Non hotel visitors aren't allow to go over to the bar and infinity pool section but we manage to sneak a peek over to the other side. Teehee!

After visiting the Skypark, we planned to walk over to Merlion Park because it looks really really near from MBS and we could see the Merlion fountain all the way from MBS. So, we started walking over to Merlion Park but then the further we walk away from MBS, Merlion Park seemed to be getting away even further! So, we stopped half way on a bridge that we were walking on and also because I already could get a shot of MBS and the Art Museum from the bridge. Heh! Heh!

The bridge that we were walking on. Loving the structure of the bridge. So artistic!

The main highlight of the day was actually for the fountain show at 8pm at MBS. We were already out of activities at about 4.30pm. So, we decided to head over to Chinatown for a little sight seeing and dinner. 

Hello, Chinatown! Got here by MRT! Hehee! :P 

Spotted someone's name in one of the shops that does these name thing. Heh! Heh!

Had a quick dinner at McDonald's and then headed back to MBS just in time for the lighting and fountain show. Managed to take some photos of the environment before the sky gets totally dark. 

Some pictures of the fountain and lighting show :

Headed back to my uncle's place after the show. I think I slept almost the whole way back as I am just so overly exhausted from lacking of sleep of the previous night. Heh! Heh! That's about it for my first day at Singapore. Till my next post. Cheers :) 

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