Singapore 2013 | Day 3

by - January 22, 2014

Spent the whole morning walking around Bugis area. Highly recommended for girls who loves clothes like I do. Bugis Street is like a clothing heaven. Left, right, front and back, is all clothes, clothes, clothes and more clothes. There is a few shops that sells other stuff too, but mostly are all clothes! The price is reasonably cheap, if you do not covert it to RM. Heh Heh! It's mostly clothes that we always see online but sadly, they do not allow customers to try before purchasing. So, it's more like a 'buy at your own risk'. That's what I did. :P

Bought 2 dresses and a jumpsuit. The one on the left, I got it for S$18. It's really nice as the top part of the dress is velvet material while the attached skirt is leather. The sleeve is off shoulder but somehow, in a unique way. It looks really nice and when I measure it against my body, it looks like the length is just nice for me but when I try it on when I got back to my relative's place, it's way way way too short. Goodbye, my lovely new dress. Oh yeah, the belt broke too when I was trying to tie it around my waist wtf. LOL! Am I too fat or is the material that bad? I forgot how much I got the floral dress and the jumpsuit for but it's below S$20 each, if I'm not mistaken. The floral dress is really nice and it's a tube kind of dress! My favourite! I just got to start get used to wearing strapless bra and try to minimize my activity on keep pulling the dress up. Heh Heh! The upper part of the dress has an extra layer of cloth and it's frilled. It makes my bust look even bigger but my mom said it looks just fine. :P Now, the jumpsuit. At the back of the jumpsuit, it has lots of elastic to the extent that it took me some time to zip the front. LOL! Love the colour and the overall and it's so tight, that I don't need to worry of it falling down from my body. LOL!

Bought some souvenirs for my college friends as well. I forgot to bring it along with me to Kampar. Aiks! Let's hope it won't be like those souvenirs that I bought from Australia. I only gave them to my friends after a year! Heh Heh!
PS: Belle, yours is from universal studios ^^ and Boo Boo, you already received yours ^^

After Bugis, we went to White Sands which is located at Pasir Ris. It's a mall that sells things with a reasonable price that people like me can afford it. :P Mainly is for my sis actually as they have shops that sells clothes that she can fit into perfectly. Glad that she manage to purchase a few pretty dresses.

Bought this black skirt for S$18. It's long enough and the material is heavy so it won't make the lower part of my body look so huge? Heh Heh!

iPhone cases for only S$3 each for myself and my dear boo

More hair accessories. I can never get bored of ribbons and bows! Wheeee..

In the evening, we sent my dad and sister to the airport as they left 2 days earlier than my mom and I because of work on the following day. After that, my relatives and I head over to Orchard Road to admire the Christmas decorations there. Let pictures do the talking :

Decorations in front of Paragon Mall, Orchard Road, Singapore

Had our dinner at 313 Somerset before proceeding with our night sight seeing along Orchard Road.

Beautiful pink themed decoration at Orchard Central :

Before we called it a day, my uncle bought a few packets of Garrett Popcorn which cost about S$9 per packet. It has lots of choices in flavors and my uncle chose Caramel, I think and it seriously taste like heaven! Totally worth it.


Have fun reading the long hashtag above :P
Signing off. Chiao ^^

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