First experience staying in hospital

by - March 11, 2014

Greetings from hospital at 11.35pm where every other patient is soundly asleep and resting except for one who stays in room 3052B, and that's me! I would like to thank everyone that was concern about me and sending me well wishes. The fact that I am able to blog again, proves that I am still very much alive.

This is my first time getting admitted into a hospital and this is how I feel about it. 

One, it's so difficult even to go to the toilet to pee because you will always have to carry the drips around with you because you are connected to it. You can't even bathe yourself because your hand is connected to the needle which is connected to the drips. So, it's challenging to bathe yourself. Feeling so much like a disabled person.

Two, every time the nurses takes out and put the tube back into the 'needle thingy' on my hand, it hurts so badly. I don't know is that the normal force they have to exert or what but then it looks more like they're forcing and pushing the thing in even if it's not going in and eventually, it did.

Three, hospital food sucks here and I thank God that my parents are free enough to bring me meals. I don't usually feel nausea when I have my breakfast but as I was having mine this morning, which is corn flakes and scrambled eggs, I feel like throwing up so badly. I like their tea time and supper meals because it's a hot cup of milo and biscuits. Lunch and dinner, they serve me rice. I thought patients are suppose to have soft diet, no? But rice should be still fine, but the chicken is dipped in curry. Hello, there are still people out there that doesn't eat spicy food, like me.

Four, I'm getting poked by needles so much that it doesn't hurt that much anymore although every single time I will feel afraid. Getting poked is not really such a big thing, but to have in mind that the needle is in you, now that's scary. I keep having this thought if I move my hand too much, the needle is going to poke through somewhere else inside my hand and have internal bleeding wtf. As I am typing this blog entry, I am just moving my fingers and not my whole hand like how my right hand does.

Five, it gets really lonely after visiting hours but at least tonight I have my laptop with me, compared to last night, I only have my phone and a TV that shows nothing interesting at all. Thank God for good WiFi connection here. I do have data, but the amount of data that would be drained away with the amount of time I spent online in the hospital, I think it will not even last me a month.

Six, it gets really annoying when your 'roommate' could not fall asleep because he/she is really ill and keeps on vomiting the whole night through causing nurses to come in and out very frequently. It disturbs your sleep from the noise and the lights but then I still pity that girl next door. I am now in a twin sharing room and I am feeling annoyed already. Such a princess la me wtf. 

Seven, you will never get a good night 8 hours straight kind of sleep at night because they will wake you up a few times during midnight to change your drips and take your blood pressure. I guess that's part of the procedure but then aren't they suppose to let patients have a good night sleep?

Eight, the nurses will ask you 101 questions about your daily intake and output every 4 hours. Yes, output as in how many times I pee and poo. Again, I know it's part of procedures but then it's kind of annoying.

Nine, when a trainee nurse is attending you, every single thing she does will eventually hurt more than you should feel. When she's attending me, all that is running through my mind was 'Is she doing it right? If not, I'm going to sue her and please God, don't let her kill me.'

Ten, it's been great to be able to rest for 2 full days now until when your friends talk to you about assignments even when you're admitted into hospital. True, I mean it's not like I had surgery or whatever, it's kind of a minor thing but I just don't have that energy in me to start doing assignments again but it would be unfair to the others just because I am in the hospital. I did my assignments eventually but with a blurry mind. Hope whatever that I did will be approved.

Wow! I just listed out 10 things about first experience admitted into hospital and I sound so groggy and demanding. Call me princess.

Hopefully I will be discharge tomorrow. Got to get back to my work as soon as possible.

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  1. yeah that's how it works in the hosp. i thought last time you've stayed in the hosp before? o.O i stayed in hosp for two days before when i was a kid, same thing happened but I was too young to fuss anyway. so yeah hahaha. farny la you princesssssss.

    1. Last time that one I only got admitted into the emergency ward either for a day or just a few hours. This is the first time I stayed for so many days. Haha! Sorry lor, really irritating mah XD

  2. Haha. Anyway do take care Melissa. Really miss you and Belle.

    1. Jess! You read my blog arh? Ahaha! Thank you ^^

  3. Hi boo boo.... You do not know how worried I am about you.
    I can only wish that you will be find and recover from this completely.
    However, I want you to know that I will always be praying for you.
    Love you always boo boo.. Mmmuuaacckkss..

    1. Boo boo, please do not worry. I promise you that I will take good care of myself and get better as soon as I can. Love you always too. Mwahh!

  4. I always read one ar Melissa. Is just I seldom comment. Sobs