Singapore 2013 | Day 4 & 5

by - April 08, 2014

Sorry for the hanging post about my Singapore Trip which I blogged only until Day 3. I was going through my photos and only realized that I haven't blog or upload all the pictures on Facebook. So, let's continue, shall we? :P

Singapore Trip :

Day 4

It's a mother-daughter's day as my dad and sister went back to Malaysia the day before. I told my mom that I wanted to see dolphins and visit the SEA Aquarium as it's the largest aquarium in the world which I read about online. So, we took the MRT to Vivo City once again and then the monorail to Sentosa Island to where the SEA Aquarium is located, which is the same stop as Universal Studios Singapore.

While we were lining up to buy the entrance ticket, we were in a dilemma on deciding to get the express ticket or not thinking that there might be something fun inside to watch or perhaps like to get a close touch of the dolphins. Lucky enough that we did not purchase the express ticket but the normal one because there's no access to dolphins touching from SEA Aquarium but from Adventure Cove Waterpark. Even if we did go to the waterpark, I don't think I will even have to chance to have a close touch at the dolphins because we will need to pay extra ticket fees which cost a bomb!

Nevertheless, I too did enjoy myself in SEA Aquarium. Nothing much to say about it besides feeling really impressed at how big the place is and seeing so many different kinds of marine lives. Here are some interesting shots that I got from SEA Aquarium:

I call this, 'The Grumpy Fish' lol

These jelly fishes are not green actually. They appears to be green because of some lighting effects.

Photo credits to my mom

'Photographer' at work

Had lots of fun trying out fish-photography wtf. Heh! Heh! Some shots were on manual while some were on auto mode because I literally fail taking pictures with manual mode. One word to sum up my whole visit there - 'fish'. HAHA! Because it's still fishes that I see only different type.

A little Gelato snack after walking around SEA Aquarium

Anyway, after SEA Aquarium, we headed to back to Vivo City and had our lunch at Secret Recipe. I was so tired from lacking of sleep the previous nights that I could have zonked out on the table while waiting for the food. Luckily the food came just in time before I really passed out there. After having enough of food and rest, mom and I hung around at Vivo City and did a little shopping too! Bought shoes, handbag and a hoody from GAP.

About an hour or two later, we headed to Suntec City to check in for our reservations for the Duck Tour - a tour around the nearby area from Suntec City which covers Marina Bay Sands as well. Will explain more about the Duck Tour later. We arrive at Suntec City like an hour earlier before time. So, we had a visit to the Fountain of Wealth which is located inside of Suntec City.

It is said that this fountain gives your good luck and prosperity. The moment you go through the door into this area, you'll be surrounded with lots of tiny fountains which I got slightly wet from it due to the strong wind but then it's refreshing after such a long day. Heh! Heh!

Does the water formation looks like a rose flower to you? 

There's procedures too in order to make your wish. So, we're suppose to reach out our hand and touch the water like what I'm doing in the picture, and walk around the fountain like that for 3 rounds while wishing for what you want from your heart. Interesting, fun and refreshing experience. Heh! Heh!

After we had enough of water touching, we headed back to the place where the Duck Tour will start and waited for our turn to go on board. 

Picture taken from Google Search because I did not manage to take any photos of it

Our ride looks like that. Cute eh? If you're wondering why the vehicle looks like a half truck and a half boat, is because of this:

The truck goes from land to water!

Picture from Google Search

I am not kidding you! Yes! The whole truck goes into the water! How cool is that? It feels a little scary at the same time because you wouldn't know will the whole truck just sink like that but then I am sure it's safe since so many other tourist had already sat on it. Hence, now the design of the vehicle sounds logical enough? Heh Heh! Some shots I got when I was on that vehicle and in the water:

Mom and I on the Duck Tour

Right after the Duck Tour ended, my mom and I headed to the nearest MRT station and look for our way to Merlion Park. From getting lost, to running under the rain, and yet, we still do not want to get a cab to Merlion Park, we manage to find it after like an hour or so.

Merlion Park is actually situated exactly at the opposite of Marina Bay Sands. Since we already made it to Merlion Park, we decided to stay on until at night to watch the laser and fountain show by Marina Bay Sands again. On the first day, from where we sat, the main focus was on the fountain show that was displayed from the lake. To watch the laser lights that is shone from the top of Marina Bay Sands, the best view would be from Merlion Park and here we are!

Since it was already evening, nearing to dinner time, we decided to grab our dinner at Merlion Park before the laser light show starts.

My wonderful mom that accompanied me to all those places that I wish to visit, and we did!
My last dinner in Singapore

Some interesting shots that I got from the laser lighting show:

These are some of my best shots, but then it's not really that nice. It's a little blurry because I did not use any tripod but I just held my DSLR with my hands and just snap all these pictures. I was using manual mode as well. Don't ask me what setting did I use because it was just a trial and error. Hope to return there some day to get more beautiful shots. 

At around 9pm, we made our way back to my uncle's place at Pasir Ris. While walking, we walked under this bridge, or more like a fly over. It's not any famous bridge or anything but then I find it really nice. Hecne, the photo:

 A long way more to go to get more perfect shots

Day 5

We didn't do anything on that day as our flight back to Malaysia was that day. Just had breakfast at my uncle's place and chatted with my cousins before leaving their apartment. About half an hour before our check in time for our flight, my uncle drove my mom and I to Changi Airport. Nothing special happened. Just the usual check in and stuff.

This was indeed an amazing holiday. Hope to have another adventurous holiday like this one soon. Thank you to my relatives for the wonderful hospitality and made our stay a memorable one, thank you to my mom to have accompanied me to so many places that I wanted to go and thanks to my dad and sister as well to join us in Singapore for 3 days.

I am indeed a lucky and fortunate child :)

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