China Town, Penang

by - June 22, 2014

153 & 155, Lebuh Pantai, 10300 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
183B, Lebuh Victoria, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

04-263 7299

9am - 12.30am (Daily)

A unique cafe with really nice and cozy interior. This cafe is as big as 2 heritage buildings joined back to back and turning the whole place into one cafe. Hence, the double address because there are 2 entrances you can enter from. A perfect place for celebration and conversations over coffee.

Lebuh Pantai entrance

The bar section

This area, is mainly and more for drinks and chats. There is even a Borders in this section where you can actually buy books there (I think, because I saw a cash register there if I'm not mistaken). Enjoy live performances at night in this section of the cafe.

A walkway full with special and unique art

My cousin, Yvonne

The courtyard of the cafe

I am not sure what do they call this area as, but I just call it the courtyard. It's an open space area with garden table and chairs along it with a feel as if you're in China or something like that.

The other end of the cafe

After walking through the 'courtyard', it will lead you to the other half of the cafe. This half of the cafe serves meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) and of course desserts too.

What's really unique of this other half of the cafe is that, if you see at the picture below, the table where the 2 girls are sitting at, you'll see a huge white paper covering the entire table as if it's the table cover, but it's actually a piece of paper. On every table, there will be a cup of crayons and what you can do at the end of every meal, is to doodle or draw something of your creation on that white piece of paper that has been laid out for you and your drawing/doodles/creation will then be hung at one of the walkways in this cafe. Unique huh? (Sorry, did not manage to take a picture of the walkway where all the drawings were hanged because it was crowded with people)

We ordered 3 different types of cakes and all of it tasted really good. There are a lot of positive feedback on their Tiramisu cake but unfortunately, I only spotted the Tiramisu after placing my order of the 3 cakes that I have picked. The next round perhaps, if I am lucky enough to get to have a try at the Tiramisu. ^^

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