When I Was A Kid

by - September 30, 2014

I was having my dinner earlier today and something triggered me to think back about things that I used to thought about and did when I was a little girl. Since I want to do something relaxing tonight, so I thought of blogging about it just for fun. I have no idea how many will I be able to come up with. So, I guess I'll only post this entry up once I have enough of things to write about :)

1. Fried Chicken
I have always thought of the bones of a fried chicken is dirty. When I eat a fried chicken, I tend to try my best to avoid my teeth or mouth from touching the bones and when that happens, I felt so disgusted. That resulted in not finishing the whole piece of chicken 'cleanly' as there will always be shredded pieces of chicken meat stuck onto the bones. Today, I don't care about the bloody bones anymore and just gobble the whole piece of chicken into my mouth without caring are there bones inside or not because fried chicken is heaven! Heh! Heh!

2. The Moon
I remember there was a year, I celebrated the mooncake festival at my babysitter's place. The moon that night was huge and round and all of us were outside playing with lanterns, candles and basically just enjoying our simple lives back then. Then, the story telling time began and that was when I 'knew' that there were people living inside the moon. I believed her story because as she was telling it to me, she even pointed out the shadows on the moon which looks human to me. I have no idea for how many years that I have believed this 'myth' told by her until one day in school, I learnt about the moon and I realized that I got trolled by my babysitter.

3. The gap between my bed and the TV rack
Before I turned 9, I used to share a room with my sister back in my old house before the current house that I am staying in now. During those days, air conditioning comes with a setting called 'powerful' which basically speed up the blowing speed of the air condition to cool the room at a higher rate. Being a real princess last time, I have always complained that the room was too hot and because of it, the air condition remote was passed to me to handle at night as my sister falls asleep earlier than me every time. Behind my bed, there was a small TV rack for that tiny TV in our room and the remote of the air condition is always placed next to the TV. In between my bed and the TV rack, there's a really small gap and every time I wish to stretch my hand over to grab the remote on the TV rack, I will always imagine and thought that there's a snake or a monster ready to jump up and bite my hand when I stretch my hand over. At times, I would count to 3 and take the remote, activate the 'powerful' mode and put it make swiftly. Also, I remembered there are a few times that I was so scared that I just suffered sleeping in a 'hot' room so that I don't have to stretch my hand over to grab the remote.

4. Flooding the toilet
Apparently, time was never an issue to me when I was young. I never really know how precious time is but at the same time, I wasn't even rushing for anything after school as my school session was shift to the morning when I entered Standard 4. I only have tuition classes at night as that is the only time my parents were free to fetch me to classes until my friend introduced me to her private tutor and my classes are all then taught by the private tutor and I no longer go out for tuition anymore. I have no idea where did I even got this idea from that during shower time, I would fill up a bucket if water and place it on top of the drainage outlet. Then, I would turn on both the shower water and the pipe water to the max and flood the entire toilet up to my ankle level. Next, I would pour some soap onto the floor trying to make foams of bubbles everywhere but most of the time, I failed. When the water level was high enough, I would sit on the toilet floor and pretend that I am in a bath tub because my house doesn't have any. Yeah, a bath tub which can only hold water up to ankle level. I have no idea how long did I take to shower during those days and how much water have I wasted back then?

5. Pretending to be in a hospital
Being young, I can't recall whether was it my parents or me that was afraid that I might fall out of bed when I sleep at night. To overcome that problem, my bed used to have these railings on its side like those that are attached to the beds in the hospital. The only difference is that mine was not detachable. So, every time I go to bed at night I would pretend/imagine that I am lying down on a hospital bed and I don't know why. Unfortunately, my imagination came true and I have been going in and out of hospital super frequently for the past 1-2 years.

6. Crying when someone goes overseas/outstation
When either one of my parents goes out of Ipoh (mostly my mum), the night before I would cry and beg her not to go even though it is just for 2D1N. I don't know why, but it gives me the feeling that either they are going away for a very long time or they might not even return. Even after my mum or dad was already away, I would still cry for nights until they return and I wasn't that young - primary school days. 

7. Cried for half a year when I was in Standard 1
My parents had a tough time sending me to Pre-School when I was 4. When I was 6, at times I would still cry but I think towards the end, I was okay with it. Then Standard 1 began and my crying disease came back. As how I remember it, I would call my mum using the public phone every time after I have arrived in school. All I had back then was 80 cents for pocket money and I would use up 10/20 cents just to call my mum. Not long after that, my mum started coming to school every single day and have lunch in the school's canteen. She would order the same thing every single day which is Jawa Mee and a cup of coffee. When I reached school by bus, I would quickly drop off my school bag and look for her at the canteen and sit closely by her side, watch her eat, enjoy the smell of my mom's clothes (sleeve) and sip in some of her coffee. If I don't see her in my canteen when I reach school, I would go back to where all the other girls assemble before going into our respective classes and wait for my mom at a spot where I can see when my mom arrives. She told me that this lasted for about half a year before getting used to going to school alone and mix around with my friends. I remember it happened twice that when I was watching my mom leave the school, I just couldn't help it but to run towards her and beg her not to leave the school or take me home. Once, I even ran out of the school which was against the school rules. I can still remember clearly that feeling that I felt when I watch my mom as she walks out from my school. It gave me the feeling that she doesn't want me anymore or she won't be coming back for me. Thinking back all of this memories, it somehow makes sense to me on why I am having difficulties in socializing and mixing around. It has always been an issue for me since young and after knowing the word and meaning of an 'introvert', at times, I believe that I might be one.

8. Got called to the headmistress' office
This too happened when I was in Standard 1. I wasn't being mischievous but more on I mix with the wrong group of friends. My very first friend that I met in primary school, her name is Mei Kei (MK). Soon, a girl name Nicole (N) came along. There was once during recess, I don't know why N decided to tear MK's exercise book and hide it behind MK's chair. I just stood there watching as N tore MK's exercise book piece by piece, not doing or saying anything about it. Thinking back about it now, I wasn't a person who would stand up for a friend in the past, huh? That night, MK's mum called me to ask regarding whether do I know who did that to MK's book and I actually explained to MK's mum about what I saw. After that phone call, I told my parents what happened and surprisingly, my parents told me to just say I don't know anything when it comes to things like this to avoid myself getting into trouble.

The next day in school, both N and I were called by our class teacher to be questioned about this issue. Being dumb, I told my class teacher that I don't know anything instead of telling her the truth when I should have known that MK's mum would have told the whole story to my class teacher already by then. What went worst, was that N accused me to the class teacher that I was the one who asked N to tear MK's book. Since I was the one who told my class teacher and MK's mum 2 different stories, I was being even more suspected to be lying and that I was really the one who asked N to tear MK's book. I don't remember what was going on in my mind, but I kept denying that I wasn't the one who asked N to tear MK's book because that was the truth but my class teacher didn't seem to believe me. After hours of being interrogated by my class teacher, she finally decided to sent N and I to the headmistress to get this issue settled. Of course, who wouldn't be afraid when you're about to be sent to the headmistress/headmaster. That was when I thought I have no choice at all but to take the whole fault onto myself as I didn't want to be sent to the headmistress. I remember how badly my image was ruin in front of the entire class.

When I went home, I told my parents about what happened in school and they advised me to always not take in anybody's fault when I am not guilty - even if it means that I am sent to the headmistress. The next day, my parents went to school to look for my class teacher to verify this issue and that is only when the teacher believed me that I wasn't the one telling lies but N was. This is one memory that I can never erase off from my mind because that was the first time I got sabotage by someone who I called friend and have almost got me into huge trouble.

9. The unused mobile phone
When I was 8, I have my very first mobile phone, Nokia 3310, given to me by my parents as I was starting to go out for tuition and they think that with me having a mobile phone, it would be easier to get to know where I am and to locate me with just a phone call away. Every month, my parents would top up RM70 into that phone as it was the only amount that will last my credit for a month. Unfortunately, I never utilized that phone that I don't even bother taking it out with me or to even charge the battery. My parents always encourage me to bring it with me everywhere I go because I used to get lost very often in shopping malls. Once, I even accidentally followed the wrong couple and luckily when I noticed about it, my parents weren't too far from where I was. Anyway, my parents still topped up the credit in my phone for me even though I don't utilized it and soon, I had more than RM500 worth of phone credit in that phone. Today, it's impossible for my parents to stop me from using my phone and RM70 per month was not enough for me to use before data plans came about.

10. Lion dance
These are 2 things which I fear the most when I was young. That time, Super Kinta in Ipoh was still operating successfully and my family would always spend our Saturday nights in Super Kinta and with RM1, my sister and I would always go to the arcade section to play a round of race car. One evening nearing to Chinese New Year, there was this Lion Dance performance in Super Kinta and even from afar, people could know that there's a performance going on because of the loudness of the drums and percussion. I was so eager to watch the performance but the moment when I saw the Lion Dance, I freaked out and I don't remember why and from that moment onward, I was terrified of Lion Dance and cheeky enough, the lion costume seem to be following me everywhere that I go which I go so terrified, I started crying and begged my dad to bring me back to the car to wait for my mum to finish her shopping. I only overcame the fear when I was 13 to be honest.

11. Swimming Pool
Before joining Bukit Kinding Resort in Tg. Rambutan/Chemor, Perak, my family and I used to go to Casuarina Hotel in town and pay RM2 for us to use the pool. Being the youngest, I was the only one in the baby pool whereas the others were all in the adult pool. Once, my parents brought me over to the adult pool with the support of my float. Then, I wanted to rest and my mom placed me on the steps which enables you to get in and out of the pool to sit while they swim and relax around the pool. Then suddenly, my whole body fell into the pool and I didn't know how to swim at that time. I remember breathing and took in lots of pool water but luckily, my mom was near me at that time and she brought me back up to land. Ever since then, I never dare to enter a pool for a few years. I would still follow them when they go swimming and still wear my swim wear but I wold just sit on the chair by the poolside watching everyone else swim. Also, overcame this fear when I was 13-14. Hence, I never really know how to swim although I enjoy swimming now.

12. Crooked teeth

This was how I look before having braces on to straighten out my teeth. My middle tooth was grown twisted 90 degrees and it was a very rare case for a tooth to be twisted like that. Thank God for the invention of braces, my teeth looks way better now and that I have more confident in myself when I smile although the top row of my teeth aren't really straight down 100% as my upper gum is further back than my lower gum. If I want my upper teeth to be 100% straight down, I will end up having my lower teeth in front of my upper teeth. Because of braces, I had 4 teeth extracted in order to make more room for my teeth to straighten out. 

Today, I (the both of us) can smile brightly to the world without being questioned about what's wrong with my teeth. :)

Will make a 2.0 of it if I ever have more things to write about :)
Note: This post have been written since Sunday night

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  1. Such a baby since you were born. Hahaha

    1. Haha I guess that's my signature personality :P