Oh Scooter Cafe, Subang Jaya

by - October 04, 2014

Oh Scooter Cafe
49, Jalan USJ 21/10,
47630 Subang Jaya.

Tel: 03 - 8011 5507

Monday - Sunday : 9.30am - 11.30pm

My first:
i) coffee adventure since I've been studying in Taylor's
ii) outing with my new college friends

Found out about this cafe from Instagram posted by some of my friends and was eager to visit it, as usual. Lucky enough for me to have found some friends who are equally crazy as me when it comes to coffee and cafe. 

From left: Me, Ellina, Revathy and Lika

Next to the entrance on the inside, there's this wall with a graffiti kind of wallpaper which is really nice for pictures! :D

Their signature coffee (RM11.90). Espresso, milk and cotton candy. Feeling unique yet about the way this coffee is serve?

The cotton candy here acts as the sugar/sweetener to make your coffee less bitter. Depending on how you like your coffee to be, it is up to you to put how much amount of cotton candy you want into your cup of coffee minus the espresso.

Cotton candy too big? Get creative! What I did: Gently squeeze the cotton candy to make it smaller for it to be able to sit on the cup steadily.

Next step, pour the espresso over the cotton candy and you will be amazed with the entire process! It may get a little messy but hey...

...it taste like heaven and that's all that matters right? :D

Lika's cup of Hot Chocolate. Impressive 'chocolate art' and I have still not been able to do coffee art :(

Sitting area at the back of the cafe

Scooters as a part of the interior decoration. That's a really creative thinking and it lives up to the cafe's name!

When you put 4 selfie queens together, this is what happens! :P

Thanks for reading! ^^

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