Truffles, Taylor's University Lakeside Campus

by - November 19, 2014

After the many days of cracking my head on what to eat for lunch or dinner, finally it's time for something totally different and that I don't get to have every day. After trying 2 rounds of booking, we finally got a place to dine in Truffles today! Truffles is a restaurant that is operated by the Culinary School students of Taylor's University. So, basically everyone that works there are students. Not sure about the cooks tho but I guess they're students as well? For sure, the waiter and waitresses are students. Besides students, you'll see some lecturers walking around observing and helping some students out with assessment forms in their hands. This is my first time dining in such a fancy place that is operated by students. Continue reading to know my experience dining in Truffles!

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The first thought that came into my mind when my friends told me that Truffle is a fine dining restaurant, I thought it would be like Citrus or Indulgence in Ipoh but heck, I was completely wrong! To dine in here, we needed to make a reservation days beforehand and the first thing they asked was the name that we booked under. Besides taking your reservation name, I saw that there were already waiters and waitresses (who are students) waiting at a corner, ready to serve us. 

After we were shown to our table, the waitresses even pulled out the chair for us and push it inwards as we began to take our seat. It's exactly like what we have always watched in films! By doing that, it already gave me the feeling that this is not just some kind of 'fine dining' restaurants that I have been to in Ipoh, but a real proper one, only that students who are in training served us and not those who are really working. 

While waiting for everyone to arrive, I ran up to my room to get the Sony A5000 as this experience definitely needs good photos. Hence, the messed up look in the group photo. Didn't thought that I would blog about it tonight, but I guess I changed my mind about it.

After everyone was seated, one waitress came over to the table and started announcing what will be served today for the 3 course lunch. Didn't really manage to hear what she was saying clearly as she was standing at the other end of the table.

For appetizer, we were served with Pumpkin Soup. Oh, before that we were served with bread with butter first but the bread was super hard, so was the butter. I still ate it anyway but I didn't take a photo before eating it. Well, just imagine bread stick that is serve in Pizza Hut, but only sharper and way way way more harder. 

The Pumpkin Soup was really nice for me as it wasn't too thick nor too dilute. I had a bad experience with Pumpkin Soup before and when I knew what was going to be served for appetizers, I went "Oh no!" inside of me but I guess this changed my perspective for Pumpkin Soup!

This is my mocktail drink - Sprite, orange juice and something else which I forgot. It tasted a bit of soda-ish and syrup-ish but it's nice, for a person who loves sweet drinks. I won't be surprise if I get diabetes at a young age in the future. The downside of it, is that it is very colouring. When I said 'very', it turned my tongue to green after drinking half of it. So, I'll let you be the judge of how bad the colouring is based on what it did to my tongue.

Before the main course was served, the wine was introduced to us first. They literally explained everything about the wine and after that, they asked would we like to open it. I was surprise that the wine was for us as I was told that we won't be paying more than RM20 for this meal. I sensed something fishy yet worried about how much do I need to pay for the wine? Then, they started pouring it to everyone and the colour of it was yellow which looks like it's poisoned (Pee, to be exact what came across my mind) or something. And guess what we did after that?

"Let's make a toast for nothing before drinking guys!" Right after this picture was taken, one of the waitress came by and told us that this is not for drinking. It's just as a practice for all the culinary students. *facepalm* Thank God they informed us right before we drink it! Well, it was actually just a split second before I actually wanted to drink it to know how it taste like. It was a funny moment for all of us, but I find it really dangerous for them not informing clearly about it before serving. At the end of the meal, we were each given a feedback form and I wrote about this at the comments section.

Main Course - Grilled chicken with BBQ sauce (I think), mashed potato, carrots and green beans. Well, for the amount that we payed for this meal, I wouldn't expect too much but this is presentable as well. To be honest, I liked it because it wasn't too fancy with bushes of salads and onions next to it which I dislike. When I saw this was served, I felt a little more relieved. Overall, this is nice for me but the portion may be a tad too small for someone with a big appetite. 

Then, we were served with either coffee or tea (our own choice). They actually let you choose your own flavour for tea. My friends who ordered tea instead of coffee, I saw them getting to choose their own tea which are all BOH Tea brand but of different flavours. The coffee was a bit too bitter for me to be honest, even after milk was added. Culinary wise, I like the choice of the mug and the saucer as it's so unique and cute in a way.

Last, but not least, dessert!

They actually prepare the dessert in front of us and we got to witness the entire process of it. It's peach cooked with alcohol and caramel, a scoop of ice cream and a cherry. The peach tasted weird to me but it's okay, wasn't too bad to the extend that I couldn't eat it. I still manage to finish it all up. Before the dessert was made, they actually asked us first to make sure that all of us can consume alcohol. Azri joined us for lunch today, so it was a good move that they asked before preparing and they cooked a plate for Azri first before proceeding with the rest of ours'. 

I would give this place a 3 out of 5. I would definitely come back here again someday when there's a special occasion or something. If you're wondering, I paid only RM16 (inclusive of the mocktail) for this entire experience but I heard that it's because we are all Taylor's student that's why we can get it for such reasonable price.

Restless nights + stress = Horrible worn out face with good food on the plate!

A self-pampered fancy lunch to celebrate nothing. 

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