Tea. Warmer. Treat. (TWT), Ipoh

by - December 31, 2014

30, Jalan Medan Ipoh 1D,
Medan Ipoh Bestari,
31400 Ipoh,

Tel: 05-541 7176

11.30am - 10.30pm (Close on Mondays)

A couple of weeks back, I was just driving around Ipoh when I came across this newly opened cafe. It is located exactly behind the 7-eleven that is the same row of Something's Brewing which is at the opposite site of Festival Walk, Ipoh. I'm guessing it's new because it wasn't there before I went back to university and after a month, it's there. Dad had a company dinner last night, so it was just my mum and I, and we decided to have our dinner here.

Hehehe. Hi :3

Trio Mushroom Aglio-Olio - RM16
This pasta consists of 3 different types of mushroom and also, it's hot. I didn't knew it was going to be that spicy until I had the first bite of it. My mum tried it out and she said there's a lot of black pepper in the pasta that's why I find it hot. Luckily she ordered something not spicy and we swopped dishes.

Teriyaki Chicken & Zaru Soba - RM18
Not that I know of that there are any other places which serves the combination of chicken and soba together. The taste is just as good as how the picture looks like (if my foodography is attractive enough). Haha.

Had a great chat over dinner with my mum last night and then it was movie night with my dearest boo - Night at The Museum : Secret of the Tomb.

Signing off :)

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