Christmas Decorations & TGIF, MidValley

by - December 15, 2014

The day before my finals ended, my mum came to bring me out for lunch and we decided to head to MidValley. Upon arriving, we headed to the centre court to have a look at the christmas decorations. Yeah, it's like a thing to me this year; christmas decoration hunt.

Fantasized theme I guess, but sadly it lacks the christmas aura for me.

I prefer 'The Body Shop''s booth decorations.. (lol) well as S&J's

Then, we headed to TGIF for lunch on a Friday. Yeah, we're living up to the restaurant's name. This is my second time having TGIF by the way. I know it's such a mainstream thing now to have meals there but then yeah, this is only my second time. First time I had it in Penang 2 years ago and 3 days ago, I got my second try of it.

Mom's chicken hot plate. It was still sizzling when this was served as well as when I was taking this photo and the oil keeps splashing everywhere and it got to my hand as well. At least this is a nice photo. Haha

I ordered Tennessee Salmon and it's lovely! Nope, did not eat the veggies; only the carrots - just being myself :P

We had a short walk in The Gardens as well and their decorations are a disappointment to me. This is the first time seeing mannequin dolls as a part of the christmas decorations until I realized that they were actually promoting the furnitures; not sure about the gowns but for sure the furnitures.

Yesterday before coming back to Ipoh, we stopped by KLCC to settle some issues regarding the MPO tickets which my parents, grandmother and I will be attending the Home Alone performance this coming Friday and the decorations are such a 'wow' to me.

A place where many memories were created and I miss them. Hope to have more of it soon enough.

I think the tallest christmas tree I have seen in Malaysia so far and it's so pretty! Wonder how would it look like when it's lid up at night. Guess I'll have to wait till the coming Friday to find it out.

Decorations at the main concourse. Very much the way I like christmas decorations to be!

A sleepy #ootd and I'm balding at my fringe parting. Ugh! Overslept that morning. Hence, the sleepy face. 

Signing out. Cheers :)

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