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by - December 03, 2014

Two of my favourite classes this semester

It is almost unbelievable that this semester is already coming to an end. It feels like the moving in process was just a month ago or something but it actually has been 3 months. I spent most of my time here in campus and around Subang, which wasn't exactly what I expected before starting my tertiary education here. I have always imagined having the life of going out on most nights to the city centre or hang out whenever we have the time but it turns out that it's not. After I have began my life here, I came to realize that life isn't about fun and the kind of fun which consist of doing nothing and hanging out often will not always be there no matter where I go because education comes first. Fun and hanging out times will come when the time is right but I must also always remember my priorities; which is my education and to achieve First Class Honours which I have been wishing and hoping to get at the end of my Degree. Those wishes and hopes will come true if I start working hard from now on.

This entire place where I am at right now still seems so new to me but I am grateful to have cross path with some awesome people who makes my life here feels like home; that I do not have to try hard to fit in because they accepts me for who I am. They are always there for me whenever I need help and they never once leave anyone alone. 

We may not all be taking the same majors for the upcoming semesters but I am sure this friendship we share, will never ever be neglected nor forgotten. Thank you for everything and always being there for me. You guys are truly my brothers and sisters that I will cherish always.

Photo credits to Aaron

Finally an all girl picture with my beloved girlies

Of course not forgetting this bunch as well. Thanks for bringing me out to places for meals as well as for movie. I'll never forget how loud and hard we laughed in the cinema like nobody's business. 

Hope to be able to be in the same class with all of you again next semester! 
All the best for finals, everyone!

One semester (almost) down, 5 more to go

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