Meeting Audrey Ooi

by - May 28, 2015

Last Thursday, I tried my luck on asking blogger Audrey Ooi to have an interview with me for my Media Writing assignment. The fact that she doesn't know who I am, lowers my chance of her agreeing on this. But to my surprise, she replied me almost instantaneously after a couple of minutes. I was mumbling "Oh my God" numerous times in disbelief when she agreed to help me out and requested for a location to meet her up! 

We finally decided on Pavilion as it's the most convenient location for her. Of course I agree to that although it's very far from where I stay, but she's already doing me a favour. Also, I chose her was because firstly, my cousins who have their own family declined my request when I approached them. Then, I was scrolling through my Dayre newsfeed and stumbled upon hers. Since my lecturer always associate 'bloggers' with 'media', then perhaps this would be able to increase my assignment marks. I guess my luck was with me!

The night before the meet up, she requested to change the location to MidValley and apologized for being so last minute. I then of course agreed as well and MidValley is nearer to my place compared to Pavilion.

On Tuesday, I left my place to MidValley at about 11am, although our appointment was at 12.30pm. But I wanted to be there earlier than her, as it's rude to be late when I was the one who requested this meet up. Approaching MidValley, I suddenly had this eerie feeling that I might have forgotten something. Was it any document? Any important stuff that I need? Was my wallet in there?? But as I was focusing on driving, I quickly brush away those thoughts, and proceeded to finding for a parking spot.

After almost 20 minutes, a car drove out and I came by just in time to take its parking spot. I then unzip my bag, to look for my wallet to keep my parking ticket when I COULDN'T FIND MY WALLET!

I was already panicking, didn't know what to do. What worried me the most, was that I needed money to pay for her meal as a token of appreciation for helping me out. How the hell am I suppose to do that when I don't even have my wallet with me. I then thought of emailing her to tell her that I will be late because I forgot about my wallet. Although I know it's rude, but I didn't have much choice. But wait, how was I suppose to get out of the parking when I don't even have cash to pay for my parking ticket and I doubt the free-grace-period wouldn't be that long. 

I then proceeded into the shopping mall, still trying to think of a way out of this. Soon, I came upon the customer service counter and asked the person that was there regarding the free parking and he told me it's only for the first 15 minutes. Luckily I didn't try my luck on this, or else I would have caused a massive jam in MidValley's parking space. To be honest, I was at the verge of crying because I was very scared and worried. Boo was at work, I didn't want to intrude him. So, I had decided to call my mum and the first reaction of her that I heard through my phone, she laughed. 

After calming herself down, she suggested that I call up Belle but alas, she didn't pick up any of my calls nor replied my message. Then my mum called one of my cousin who is in KL and he agreed to come to MidValley to pass me some cash. In the process of all the callings, Boo panicked as well and decided to leave his office to meet me in MidValley. My immediate reaction was to ask him not to come as MidValley is quite a distance from his office. I then told him that my cousin's on his way there, and apologized to have caused him to worry. 

I was so mad at myself. How could I be so careless to have left my wallet at home when it's the most essential thing that everyone needs. I was already very nervous about the meeting with Audrey, and now this. I didn't even know which I should be focusing on as I was just completely distracted from this mistake of mine. Boo was Whatsapping me the whole time, trying to calm me down and got my focus back on track.

About half an hour later, Audrey emailed me to ask whether have I arrived and I replied her immediately, and told her what I was wearing for an easier identification. (We used email like WhatsApp to communicate. Haha) After a couple of minutes, I saw her walking from a distance and waved at her when she was nearing to where I was sitting.

I explained to her about my unfortunate incident that morning, and offered to buy her a meal if she don't mind waiting for a while until my cousin arrives with some cash. She rejected my offer and kept saying that she can buy it on her own and asked whether can she get me anything instead! I thank her for her generosity and told her that I'll get something for myself later. She's so friendly and humble.

After a while, she returned with a bun and a cup of tea and the interview started. Throughout the interview, I can say that she's quite debatable and to be honest, I was kind of struggling as if I was losing the debate. Haha. But we both know that this is just for an assignment purpose and we are doing it as if we are exchanging a normal conversation. 

Halfway through the interview, my cousin came by and saw me but I was busy, and he noticed as well. I gave him a hand signal to wait for a while and went looking for him after I was done with the interview with Audrey. He gave me quite an amount of cash but I had told him that I only needed RM20 or so, just for me to pay for parking and perhaps a drink for Audrey. But he insisted that I take all that he offered. The money is still with me now, as he asked me to only pay him back the next time we meet but I know that I should return him the money as soon as possible.

After the interview concluded, Audrey and I chatted for a while about her university days, basic information about me, and whatnot. She then left to do some errands and in the end, I didn't manage to buy her a drink. We took a photo together before she left.

I look so bloated in the photo. Haha.

I left MidValley a while after Audrey left. I was trying to find my way back home as quickly as I can to avoid getting caught by any police officers (if there were any). Instead, I missed a turning and Waze took me all the way to almost city center and made a U-turn back. Luckily, no police roadblock or anything like that on my way home. 

I finally got to meet Audrey, and the best part is that we chatted and did something for my assignment! Definitely something unique added to my university experience.

Thank you, Audrey :) (If you ever read this. Haha.) 

PS: In my previous blog post, I said I had to interview Boo 2 nights ago, and until tonight, I still have not. He even make me to promise him that I will interview him last night but I kept postponing it. I feel so bad now that he is so enthusiastic to help me out but I keep dreading it :( Sorry, boo boo.

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  1. Hahahahah your mom laughing. That was my reaction also but ofcourse you gotta be really really careful :x there are a lot of people who always forget their driving license so if u forget it once. don't need to worry too much. normally traffic police only stop suspicious people, they rarely stop women from my experience

    and btw, is pavilion that far from your place? It's almost the same distance you go to PJ isn't it? I know from sri petaling it only takes 15 minutes to arrive (with okok traffic) hahahhaa. anyway, nice experience interviewing audrey ;)

    p/s: sorry i didn't pick up your call. i always get screwed by my family because i didn't pick up ahahaha

    1. Haha. But I really panicked that day when I found out my wallet wasn't in my bag :3

      Yeah, it's quite a distance tho. Average about 30 minutes drive from my place without heavy traffic. And also the fact that I have to drive there ALONE initially sort of scared me cause I usually only drive to city center with Thomas. Haha. Most to most, only KL Central cause it's quite near my place. But I guess soon I'll be driving everywhere already :P

      Nah, no worries about it. I thought you were working / sleeping. Haha. See you tomorrow night ^^