Petit Mary Patisserie, Ipoh

by - May 02, 2015

Disclaimer: This is going to be one picture spammed post. Hehe.

This place has been flooding my Facebook news feed for the past couple of months and lucky enough for me, it's situated in Ipoh, my birthplace. Since I am back on Labour's Day's weekend, and Mother's Day is approaching, I'd decided to bring my mum here for a Pre Mother's Day lunch.

Pastel colour lover humans out there, brace yourself as you'll be joining me on a journey to heaven :P

We were seated downstairs which we presume was once a side garden, but they close up the entire area and turn it into another seating area. Loving the Tiffany Blue colour concept; although my favourite is baby pink :P

The view from where I was seating. Feels like a welcoming door to enter pastel heaven. Haha.

Selfie with my queen, mummy 

Loving this candid shot by mum because:
i) My double chin isn't showing
ii) My hair looks nice; I tied it all up but for once, I don't look bald.

Mummy's Ice Cappuccino and my cup of hot coffee.

Lunch is served!

All Day Breakfast set which comes with a cup of coffee/tea and bread.
The portion was just nice for a small eater like me. Everything tasted really good and bread was soft enough.

Mummy's Pumpkin Egg Ham Cheese 

After lunch, we walked around the place a little bit to check out their pastries.

Variety of cookies and marshmallows too!

Cakes and macaroons

More cakes and desserts

Everything looks so cute and good! *Drools*

The stairway up for more seatings.

Picture from:

Ending the blog entry with another candid by mummy.

Signing off :)

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