iMiirage, Ipoh

by - June 24, 2015

This place has been trending this year in Ipoh besides the new cafes that has been opened. Last I heard about this place, it's a fine dining restaurant and I've been seeing a lot of photos posted on Facebook. Although I do love visiting all these new restaurants/cafes, but it never really strike my mind to have a meal here on my usual weekends back to Ipoh, because there wasn't any specific occasion to dine in such place, until the previous weekend that I was back. 

Few days before my return, my mum booked me for a Saturday night dinner and she said it's for a 3 in 1 celebration; Advance 20th & 50th Birthday for me and her, and Father's Day. So, I said earlier that I've only seen the place from pictures and from what I've saw, the backdrop of the restaurant is like a underwater world, which I thought it was real fishes until I was there personally.

The pictures says it all. It's actually a huge LED screen which covers the entire restaurant with moving clips played. It changes every 20 minutes between this ocean view and...

...the space view. I've been trolled! Haha. My mum made the reservation online, and pre-booked the dishes in order for her to get a 25% discount for the meal. 

This is the interior ceiling. It's suppose to be of galaxy but to me, it looks more like just lights, pretty lights. Haha. If only my room has those lights..

Bigger view of the LED screens. 

Mushroom Soup 

I forgot what soup is this called, but it tasted a lot like Tomato Soup. Mum ordered Pumpkin Soup initially but they ran out of it for the day. 

While waiting for our main course to be served, it was present opening time!
Dad unwrapped his Father's Day gift...

...and mum unwrapped her early birthday gift as well. Both were purchased from Isetan, KLCC the weekend before. I thought it was my turn to unwrapped mine, when the main course came. 

Harmony Fish

Sea Trout Pasta

Secerto [Smoked Duck.. I think]

The presentation of the food was superb, and it tasted pretty delicious as well. The downside of it was the portion that was served with the amount that we were paying. It would have been perfect if the portions are a bit bigger. Still, it's no harm giving this restaurant a try, but I would only go if there is a really really special occasion the next time. 

Anyway, after dinner, the waiters cleaned up our table and were waiting for dessert which my mum told me that she got us a tiramisu dessert as well. Not expecting any surprises at all (because it's a 3 in 1 celebration), the restaurant's music changed from a very soothing and jazzy choices of songs, to the Happy Birthday song, but in a instrumental version as well. As I said I wasn't expecting any surprises, I was scoping out the restaurant, trying to find who's the birthday boy / girl, until the waitress walked to our table, and placed the cake in front of me!

I was so shocked, and probably blushing out of (positive) embarrassment because everyone in the restaurant had their eyes on me. Mainly it was the birthday song that caught the attention of everyone in the room, and then the presentation of the dessert, which is my birthday cake! 

I did not see this coming!

I wish.....

I preferred this shot actually, but sadly it's so blur. I heard the shutter was slow when the picture was taken, but it looked alright from the camera screen, until I transferred it to my computer. Oh well, at least there's another picture. 

My birthday gift this year from my family. A black backpack which I picked out myself from Zalora. Haha. Mum didn't know what to get for me and when I asked her whether could I have the bag, she asked me instead can that be my birthday present. Little did I know, she went and had a little shopping in Lovely Lace as well, and got me this scented bags to be placed in cupboards/car, etc, and it's Teddy Hug scent. It smells really good, like baby smell which I like a lot. Haha. 

Thank you for the wonderful night, mum and dad ^^

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