Old School, Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

by - June 02, 2015

Drove to campus in the morning to be interviewed by my friend for her assignment, and then I Waze my way to Belle's place on my own for the first time. It took me along the Federal Highway and traffic was quite heavy until I turn off at Jalan Barat. And then the 'fun began'. There's so many construction going on and additional road splits out of nowhere which made me kept changing lanes, trying to keep up with the GPS. Luckily cars at the area wasn't too fast, and it's off peak traffic hours so it wasn't too bad, and managed to get to her place in one piece. Haha.

She then led me to Jaya One where we had our lunch at Old School. There's a lot of choices of food there, but I still went with my chinese food. Haha. Crave for chinese food like mad these days, as well as hawker food but not much of it around my area. In the end, we ordered 3 dishes and decided to share them out.

All time favourite Mushroom Soup. I always surprise people when I don't eat it with the given garlic bread. Haha. I like it plain tho, and also because I was pretty full from the main meals.

Super nice pork noodle! This is one of my current cravings. Haha. 

Fancy Pork Burger. Haha. 

I didn't manage to take any photos of the surrounding before the crowd started. And only manage to take a couple of shots before leaving.

A very school concept, hence the name of the shop. The waitress were all wearing school uniform, with fake black frame glasses. Haha. And there were a lot of paintings around the shop which portrays a classroom. Not the usual hipster sort of cafe, but a place where there is nice food with (sort of) reasonable price.

No selfie this time haha. Treated her lunch for lending me her Polaroid camera as well as getting a cardigan for me from F Block. Hehe. Till next time ^^

Now, back to assignments. Ugh. I'm seriously dreading so much on this assignment which somehow I hate so much.

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  1. This looks more like a 30 minutes blogpost ^ xD

    1. LOL! This took me 10 minutes only 😂