Clawset Cafe, Damansara Jaya

by - July 22, 2015

I had been urging to go to this cafe since I knew it existed. Didn't really had the time to go prior to this due to my finals and it was too far away to go from campus during class break. Since I'm currently on semester break, Belle, my sister and I made a trip to Damansara Jaya to visit this cafe.

My sister ordered this Peanut Butter & Nutella (or was it chocolate? Haha) waffle and it's very nice! It might be too much for a person. Best to share it with another person or two.

Besides that, Belle and I ordered Mushroom Aglio Olio and Tomato Meatball Balognese Pasta.

After placing our orders, while having our brunch and post-brunch, we were all so distracted by all the adorable dogs and puppies that were running actively around us. Brace yourself for a picture spam!

This poodle, that had a "Tip Please" on his collar, was super clingy to me. From the moment I gave him a pat on his head for the first time, till the moment that we left, he kept coming back to our table and rest next to me like this:

Haha. So cute but at the same time, he looked really sad. My sister was saying maybe I have the poodle aura that's why he was so clingy to me.

Not sure what breed is this, but it looks a lot like a Maltese based on the features that I can identify, which looked very similar to my cousin's old dog. I like how they dyed its fur; so pastel-ish. Haha.

Even the tail is so colourful and it's so tiny. So adorable lehhh..

And then there's this Pomeranian which I calls it "pom pom". Haha. It has this super cheeky and cute look on its face. Every time when she passes a person, she would stop and stare at them for a few seconds and when we put our hands out to carry her, she would then run/hop away like a brown cloud floating around the shop. Haha.

Another Maltese (I think) which kept trying to get Belle's attention. Haha. I think it wanted food. She probably has a really big appetite despite having such a small body. Haha.

And another Maltese (Again, I think so). They all look so similar, can't tell whether are they really of the same or different breed. This one has her ears dyed brown and later, she had a Kimono on. Didn't manage to take a picture of that.

This cheeky pom pom again, with Belle this time. I like the second picture so much! Haha.

Just look at this! *squeals*

A smaller pom pom which was not as active as the other one. Her name is Paris and the first thing that came into my mind was "Paris Hilton"? Haha.

My sister initially didn't want to carry any of the dogs but when Paris came along, she couldn't resist it and wanted to carry. Haha.

Look at the camera, Paris. Haha

"Let me rest, you humans"

Pom Poms!

She looks so lumpy when she sits! Haha.

A puppy Golden Retriever! Initially I was a little nervous when it came near me cause I am not too used to dogs which are bigger than my own poodle but after a while, it became my best friend XD

And then there's this dog which kept going round and round at the door. Haha. I think it was trying to get out / waiting for someone to open the door. Or maybe it was just high XD

OOTD shot accompanied by a cutie pie

Happy Family XD

Connected to the cafe is a pet shop which sells pets accessories, they also sell some Pomeranians, as well as boarding and grooming services. If only my dog is in KL, then that would end up be his second / third home. Haha.

I'll be back soon, my furry friends!

Address: 36A, Jalan SS22/25, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Close on Mondays
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday : 10am - 10pm
Friday & Saturday : 10am - 11pm

P/S: Everyone was friendly and the furry friends will keep you entertained while you wait for your orders :)

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