Macalister Mansion, Penang

by - November 14, 2015

Mid semester break is here and my sister needed a break. Hence, a spontaneous trip to Penang to visit my grandma and have a walk around for a change of environment.

Had my first visit here at Macalister Mansion. It's a hotel equipped with a swimming pool, a bar next to it, a drinking area and 8 hotel rooms.

Finally wore this dress again after God knows how long. #ootd

The yard in front of "Living Room" which is the whole day restaurant and where we had our lunch.

Interior of the "Living Room":

My cup of Cappuccino - RM15.90

My sister's Hot Chocolate - RM12.90

The menu was pretty fancy to the point where I didn't know what to order. So, just to be safe, I ordered Salmon although the waiter did told me that it might be a little dry because of the style of cooking.

It was kind of like grilled salmon to me, and below it there were slices of potatoes. This dish cost RM33.95.

My sister on the other hand ordered a Japanese Burger which cost RM28.30

It was quite an experience dining in Macalister Mansion. I would definitely go back there again but it would have to depend on what occasion is it for. Before leaving, we took a stroll around the building and saw some pretty fancy set ups.

This section is known as "The Cellar" where people can have drinks and probably discuss some RM2.6 billion business :P - because it's just that fancy!

So, Francis Light left his head here. Haha

How this retard pose for a photo #1

How this retard pose for a photo #2

Favourite selfie of that day! :)

Sorry for this picture spam & very less words post. I am super busy catching up with my assignments dateline and also to prepare for finals. Can't believe that finals is in 3 weeks' time and I feel that I know nothing. For the first time, I feel very very clueless for finals and I have a bad feeling about it. Hope everything goes well tho despite the negative attitude of mine now.

Till my next post. Cheers. xx

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