Olive Green

by - September 14, 2016

Greetings! I know that I've been away from this platform for a while and that's mainly because there's nothing for me to blog. My final year in university has just begun and assignments are already pilling up very quickly! Not to mention, I'm also in the midst of hunting for a placement for my internship next January. If there's anyone who's looking for interns or knows any company that is looking for interns, please contact me! I do have a few places in mind but as for now, there's nothing that I can do because the university has still yet to release our letters to us and it's going to be a challenge to apply without it. Fingers crossed that it's not going to take them too long before everything starts becoming last minute.

Anyway, apart from my usual (boring) routine, I had my hair done today. I was recommended by my friend to be a hair model for today and I accepted the offer because I get to colour my hair for free! Haha. I can't imagine paying the amount that saloons will usually charge to achieve these colours and the fact that it's going to probably fade off really quickly really turns me off every time I think of it. 

So, before anything happens, I took some photos on my own (duh) courtesy of my tripod and camera timer. Haha.



As usual there's this difference in colour when I'm outdoor vs indoor. I was told that they'll be dyeing violet colour for me but apparently that was done yesterday on someone else. Hence, they gave me olive green. Best part? They promised to re-colour my hair to either dark purple / violet once the colour has faded!

However, my current hair condition is really dry. Mainly due to the bleaching that was done prior to the dye and then they curled it with a curling iron at the end of the whole process which usually makes my hair even drier. I am not looking forward to washing my hair either as I can foresee really bad tangles and I'll probably take an hour to shower tomorrow just because of it. Well, I am not complaining since this has been something I've been wanting to do for a long time but I never had the opportunity to. Guess I just gotta invest a little more on treatment.

Anyway, here's just a short update about my (hair) life. Well, sorta. Haha. Hopefully I'll be back with something really interesting soon! Have been thinking on making piano covers but I just remembered my camera isn't with me currently. Guess all is planned out unknowingly to make me focus on my university work first. Priorities! Haha.

Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels


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