Breakfast Thieves, Kuala Lumpur

by - October 08, 2016

I am back with another cafe post to share with you readers! I've been wanting to blog about my visit but I have not found the time to do so. I'm now in the midst of meeting assignment datelines as well as preparing for an upcoming midterm. I'm felling so done with this phase of uni life but at the same time, I am not looking forward to working either!


I am suppose to be sharing about my visit to Breakfast Thieves. So, here it is!

I got there at about 1.30pm (around that time), the place was packed with people and there was a waiting list! People were crowding outside of the cafe and chairs were provided for those who are waiting, however, limited. I waited for about 30-45 minutes before being seated inside.

As for the menu, there's main meals, drinks and desserts. There's limited choices of main meals for us to choose from (there's like less than 10 choices), but they're really generous with their portion. I was a little indecisive of what I wanted mainly because I didn't want to order something that's gonna be served with tons of vegetables and I end up not enjoying it. At the same time, there were a few main meals that are spicy which I can't take.

Mr. Terry Benedict (RM29)

Every single time when I see such nice presentation, the first thing that comes into my mind would be "How do I eat this?". Not because I didn't feel like ruining the presentation, but the mixture of everything which looks like a mountain to me makes it a challenge for me to eat it decently. Haha. That aside, I really enjoyed this dish and it's by far one of the best combination of ingredients served together. There were like 2 of everything, but I only managed to finish up one. I was already feeling pretty full when I was 3 quarter way finishing up the first one. 

The Legend (RM25)

I didn't really eat this one as it was spicy for me. The presentation made me thought this was Mac and Cheese! Hahaha. It turned out to be spicy baked eggs and a whole lot of other stuff in it! 

An out of frame and failed flat-lay shot. Haha

The patio side of Breakfast Thieves. I guess if we were okay with being seated on the patio, we could have gotten a table way sooner. But the weather was just really really hot that day and air conditioning was what we were desperate for.

The mandatory staircase shot when visiting Breakfast Thieves! It's just so fascinating how simple things like a cement staircase can become a famous OOTD spot. Before visiting the cafe, I thought this staircase is part of Breakfast Thieves but it is actually located opposite of the cafe but still within the area.

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That's all from me for now! There's some exciting stuff that's coming soon but fingers crossed that everything will work out okay! Stay tune!

Breakfast Thieves Kuala Lumpur
Lot M, 29-5 Jalan Riong, Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
(same area as where Pulp is)
9am-5pm (close on Mondays)

Signing off. xx

Sincerely, Mels

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