The Airport

by - January 30, 2017

From where I sat,
I look to my left,
A couple reunite,
A family is once again full.

From where I sat,
I look at my family,
A goodbye awaits,
When I wish we just said hello.

From where I sat,
I checked the time,
It was passing too quickly,
Do they feel the same I wonder.

As I stood up,
My heart felt heavy,
I grabbed my bag,
And my eyes started to tear.

I said goodbye,
My mum hugged me,
My sister waved at me,
And my dad walked me to the gate.

I handed my ticket,
And I was let through,
When I turned around,
I wish I could just run back out.

I felt so alone,
I hated feeling this way,
I'm a big girl now,
This is life.

Sincerely, Mels.

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