Awesome Canteen @ Sekeping Victoria, Penang

by - February 22, 2017

This hipster cafe was initially found by my mum online! I really had no idea this place existed until she mentioned it to me. We then decided to come here for a evening tea on the second day of Chinese New Year.

The cafe is situated along Lebuh Victoria, which Waze has a pretty accurate location on it. The cafe isn't very visible from the outside as it's shaded by trees at the entrance. Hence, we missed it, and had to take another round. Also, I would personally advice to pay for your carpark along Lebuh Victoria as free parking is rather limited around the area. There's a lot of cyclist too as the place is rather near to Armenian Street. So, beware!

Upon entering, there's a coffee bar on the left.

Further back is where the tables and chairs are at. This picture pretty much shows all that there is of the place. It's a rather open concept, tables and chairs that are used reflects on how the olden days canteen looks like, and the overall environment gives you the ambience of a hipster looking canteen.

This shot was taken from the other end of the cafe, which you can clearly see the entrance from here too.

I love the details of the place although there's a high probability that all they did was repainted the old wooden windows. Haha. Oh, if I'm not mistaken, there are accommodations for rent above the cafe, just like Sekeping Kong Heng in Ipoh.

Mum & Dad.

As we were there just for drinks, I didn't take any shot of it. Hence, a cafe post without any food or beverage shots. Haha. Perhaps the next round when I am back there again, I'll definitely update this blog entry.

164A-B, Lebuh Victoria, Georgetown, 10300 George Town, Penang, Malaysia

Stay tuned for more!

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