by - April 28, 2017

Earlier this month, my relatives from Australia were here over two weekends. They spent their time mostly in Penang as that is where my grandmother is currently at. April also happened to be my grandmother's birthday month. Occasions like these are surely not to be missed and there I was, traveling back and forth Penang - Ipoh - KL over two weeks and I am not complaining.

As I grow older, these moments became more precious to me and feeling homesick has been something rather constant and frequent that I've been feeling lately. Also in the quest of remembering why I loved blogging and how I started in the first place, here are some visuals of memories taken together with my family.

Balik Pulau Durian

Granduncle Michael

Balik Pulau Laksa

We've got to know that the famous Balik Pulau laksa has moved to the new market.

Balik Pulau Murals

While venturing the round island tour via cars, we stumbled upon one of the murals that has been pretty famous around the area recently. You may track and check out the rest of it here.

A beautiful view at one of the lookout point near Bao Sheng Durian Farm.

Teluk Bahang Dam

Lunch @ Hollywood Restaurant

I've blogged about this place that my family and I enjoy dining at. You may read about it here.

Their famous Hainanese Spring Roll.

Grandma's 83rd Birthday Dinner @ Chinese Recreation Club (CRC) Restaurant, Penang

Siblings love.

The following weekend, I returned home to Ipoh as everyone from Penang journeyed down for the weekend.

Pomelo Farm @ Ampang Jaya, Ipoh

Kampung Kacang Puteh, Ipoh

This is how you covert a 5 seater Honda CRV to a 7 seater. #youngestandshortest

Gunung Lang, Ipoh

Concubine Lane, Ipoh

Plan B, Ipoh

Yew Ming Teochew Porridge, Ipoh

Granduncle's Advance 80th Birthday Dinner @ 1919, Ipoh

Birthday kisses from the birthday boy to his sister. Seeing them happy makes me happy.

Time really do pass a lot more faster when you're having an amazing time. I can't wait to see my family again, and I hope you readers enjoyed reading this blog entry.

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