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6th August 2017

Our (sorta) planned airport #ootd. I somehow find joy in twinning. Heh. This is our #nomakeup face because we woke up at 6am to catch our 5 hours flight! Comfort comes first!

Right before going for this trip, I made the decision to buy a Sony 35mm portrait lens and this shot was taken by Belle.

And this is her trying to explore and learn more about photography. More than happy to have been able to assist her a thing or two that I know of photography.

Here's me ber-posing before boarding.

The mandatory 'above the sky' shot.

And I pre-booked my favourite in flight meal - Mac n Cheese!

Prior to landing, we were required to fill in the disembarkation card.

After 5 hours of flight, we have finally made it! The skies were so clear and blue, and the weather was just lovely - this was because we just came from a super hot country. We were freezing our a** off for the rest of our days in Perth but we really did enjoy it while it lasted!

We then took Bus 380 to St. Georges Terrace before Barrack Street (AUD4.70), walked along Pier Street to Pensione Hotel Perth. Upon checking in, we were also given a map by the receptionist for us to get around the city and she also gave us a few recommendations on where we can get food, and so on. Bravo!

I love personalized detail! 😍

View from our room.

A cozy little room which was just perfect for the both of us!

Slapped on a little make up before heading out for dinner and night stroll!

This was us having dinner at McDonald's. Oh, did I mention that sunset during winter is like around 6pm? And most of the shops closes by 5pm :/

So, for the rest of the night, we just strolled nearby our hotel (mainly because I was feeling scared as we bumped into a few weird people, and it's already dark and we don't even know our way around. Heh).

I shall let the pictures do the talking for now:

Murray Street Mall

Council House at night

St George's Cathedral at night

St Georges Terrace

City of Perth Library & History Centre

Perth Town Hall

A cup of hot chocolate each (AUD2) from 7-Eleven. We were both so jakun with how it was a self service for hot chocolate. Heh.

Called it a night!

A little tip: If you're someone who is traveling with a lot of gadgets or just to have more plug points to use that actually fits, just bring one travel adapter and one extension cord! - that is if you still have space in your luggage. Haha.

Oh boy. This is just the arrival day. Can't imagine how elongated (with pictures) the rest of the posts will be! Hehe. Stay tuned!

Sincerely, Mels.

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