PERTH 2017 | DAY 1

by - October 26, 2017

One of my favourite portrait taken by Belle! This was us having breakfast in the hotel before heading out for exploration around Perth city!

We wanted to save as much as we could. Hence, we bought supplies (crackers, milo, instant soup, etc) the night before as our breakfasts / snacks in between than having to spend on an extra full meal each day.

This is the hotel which we stayed in. Highly recommend this place as it's so centralized!

Our 'cannot make it' morning faces. Haha.

I find this building really nice, and I don't know why. Haha. We did manage to try their croissant on one of the mornings.

Inside of the City of Perth Library

City of Perth Library during the day

St. George's Cathedral during the day

Perth City! And this is still very near our hotel location!

Stirling Gardens:

Elizabeth Quay:

Here comes a lot of photo spam because we started our day a tad too early that everything was still closed. Heh. But I'm glad to say that I finally found back my love for photography besides having my photograph taken ♥️

Bell Tower:

We then decided to start walking to Kings Park & Botanic Gardens for lunch as we were already beginning to feel hungry. Took some pretty landscape photos along the way.

We were following Google Maps and the fastest route for us to get to Kings Park was through Jacob's Ladder. There were tons of people jogging up and down these stairs for work out purposes. As for me, I was panting walking up these stairs and had to even stop twice for a breather!

Halfway through we were greeted by a wonderful sight.

After 30 minutes of walking, we finally made it to Kings Park & Botanic Gardens.

Lunch spot!

Fish & Chips

Some bacon burger I think

Hot Chocolate! Lost count of how many cups of hot chocolate we both had during the trip. Haha.

In total, this lunch cost us AUD17.50

More photos as we explore deeper into Kings Park while making our way to the Blue Boat House.

Federation walk:

DNA Tower:

Again, we were relying on just Google Maps to get to Blue Boat House. It took us a bit of a hiking trail which eventually led us back onto one of the main roads with speeding cars. Blue Boat House is situated ACROSS the road and there were no pedestrian crossing! We didn't had a choice but to jaywalk over!

Blue Boat House:

Out of focus but one of my fav shots too!

We then took an UBER back to our hotel for a bit of rest before heading out for dinner at Murray Street Mall.

AUD8 for Pizza, and it was more than enough for the both of us!

We didn't had much to do the night, so we decided to head back to Elizabeth Quay for some night scenery shots and Gelato!

Long exposure shots:

That's it for our first full day in Perth!

Next up: Fremantle!

Sincerely, Mels

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