by - October 18, 2017

I went to Perth in August this year with my high school buddy, Belle. We have always wanted to go somewhere together but never had the chance prior to this because it's either we were out of budget or we didn't had the same free time. Since she was on a long semester break and I have just graduated, what other time better than that to seize the opportunity and make our plan work!

We spent a total of 6 days in Perth, and if you're wondering why such an extensive stay just in Perth, it was because flights were cheaper with that duration. We got our tickets booked with AirAsia since April for close to RM1,000 per person inclusive of baggage and pre-booked in flight meals. In total, we each spent about AUD158 on food, AUD50 on transportation, AUD78 on shopping and AUD28 on entrance fee.

For those who are looking to travel to Perth, I hope this itinerary helps! 

Day 1
  • Check in at Pensione Hotel Perth at 5pm
  • Dinner at McDonald's
  • Evening-night stroll / sight seeing around nearby area
    • St George's Cathedral 
    • City of Perth Library 
    • Town Hall
Day 2
  • Breakfast at hotel 
  • Stirling Gardens
  • Elizabeth Quay
  • Barrack Square
  • Lunch at Stickybeaks at King's Park & Botanic Garden 
  • Blue Boat House
  • Dinner at Murray Street Mall
  • Back to Elizabeth Quay for night view, stroll and gelato

Day 3
  • Breakfast at hotel
  • Train to Fremantle from Perth Station
                 *you may also google what to do in Fremantle, which was what we did*
  • Market Street
  • Fremantle Town Hall
  • Cappuccino Strip
  • Fremantle Market (only open on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Fremantle Prison
  • Esplanade Park (ferris wheel)
  • Bather's Beach
  • Lunch at Kailis' Fish Market Cafe
  • Back to Perth City
  • Dinner at Murray Street Mall

Day 4
  • Stroll along Perth CBD
  • King Street
  • Brunch at La Veen Coffee
  • London Court
  • Langley Park
  • St. Mary's Cathedral
  • Perth Mint
  • Elizabeth Quay

Day 5
  • Stroll along Whitesman Park to get to Caversham Wildlife Park
  • Relaxation around Perth Cultural Centre & Art Gallery of WA area

Day 6
  • Back to Fremantle Market for souvenir shopping
  • Back to Malaysia!

Full write up of our trip coming right up! Stay tuned! Meanwhile, here's a preview of our trip in 3 minutes!


Day 1 - PERTH 2017 | DAY 1
Day 2 - PERTH 2017 | DAY 2
Day 3 - PERTH 2017 | DAY 3
Day 4 - PERTH 2017 | DAY 4

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