PERTH 2017 | DAY 2

by - November 19, 2017

On our second full day in Perth, we decided to spend it in Fremantle! As excited as we were to visit this little town, it rained the entire time we were there. We enjoyed the best we could despite the weather. So, reminder: REMEMBER TO CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST DURING YOUR PLANNING! 

We took the train from Perth Station to Fremantle Station via the Fremantle Line. Train routes and maps are all available on! They have a smartphone application too for easier and quicker access! In Perth Station, the SmartRider card can be obtained from a shop call Lucky Charm. 

In Fremantle, there are free shuttle services called the RED and BLUE CAT. While we were waiting for the shuttle, we realized that one of the main street called Market Street was located right opposite the train station. Hence, we forego the shuttle and started walking towards it. 

Fremantle Wesley Uniting Church

Fremantle Town Hall

Australia's 7-Eleven Hot Chocolate for the win!

Came across this bookstore along Cappuccino Strip and there's something about it that made me intrigued by it for someone who doesn't read much. Haha.

And then there's this! Was tempted to get one but I didn't. Technically, on the wrappers, it gives you a hint of the genre of the book without revealing the actual title. An interesting way of keeping the book mysterious!

Fremantle Market...

...which was closed on the day we went. The picture above shows perfectly how 'well' our day was going with the rainy and windy weather.

Scots Presbyterian Church

Fremantle Prison.

There are tours available for purchase at the gate.

Esplanade Park!

Bathers Beach:

We had lunch in Kailis' Fish Market as recommended by Google.

Tip (and I strongly encourage you to follow) : Never ever sit outside with fish & chips if you spot seagulls nearby!

Being jakuns from Malaysia, we wanted to enjoy the cold air as much as we could and opted for an outdoor seat for lunch. As we were eating, we realized that more and more seagulls started crowding us and Belle even had to shoo some of them away! I started to get frightened and suggested that we finish our lunch as soon as we can and get out of the place. The moment we stood up and walked away, the bunch of seagulls started attacking our leftover chips and it created such a scene!

After lunch, we decided to head back to Perth as the weather didn't seem to be improving at all and we were freezing!

Stay tuned for Day 3!

Sincerely, Mels

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  1. HAHAHAHA Posting after nth months and its only day 2 and u have like other countries to blog