PERTH 2017 | DAY 4

by - December 15, 2017

After 2 full days of bad weather, we woke up on our last day in Perth with a beautiful weather to visit the Caversham Wildlife Park.

From Pensione Hotel Perth, walk to Mclver Train Station. Take Midland Line to Bassendean. Walk to Bassendean Stn Stand 3, take bus 955 to Lord St Before Youle-Dean Rd (Stop 17720), walk 1.9km through Whitesman Park to Caversham Wildlife Park.

There are signages throughout the walk in Whitesman Park, so no worries about getting lost!

Upon seeing this sign, I started to get a bit worried for being attacked by Kangaroos! Haha. Guess I watched too much videos on the internet but better be safe than sorry!

And holy moly! It's a field full of kangaroos! and we just walk along the trails with them staring at us like "what are these humans doing in our territory" haha. It was nerve-wracking but such a wonderful experience!

We took quite a while to walk through Whiteman Park because we took SO SO MUCH photos as you can see.

And what felt like about an hour (?), we made it to Caversham Wildlife Park!

Someone brought home a souvenir!

We hung around Perth Station for our final sunset in Perth while sipping hot chocolate and eavesdropping conversations from the tables next to us (because they were conversing so loudly). Haha

Perth, you've been amazing!

Sincerely, Mels

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