Fuego, Troika Sky Dining, Kuala Lumpur

by - July 23, 2018

I TURNED 23!...

a month ago, but what else is new. Heh. Better late than never!

Beautiful sunset over dinner? Fuego is the place to go, and the place where I was brought to to celebrate my 23rd birthday this year, and my first birthday spent with Ivan. 

Our reservation was at 6pm, but got there half an hour earlier. We were led to a waiting area and given a menu should we wish to have some drinks and snacks before the place opens. 

At 6pm, we were then led to the restaurant but the sun was till scorching hot shining directly to our table. The staff there was kind enough to let us sit at a shaded table first while we look through the menu.

Mojito & Caipirinha 

The view was so amazing! And it was so sweet of Ivan to remember why I wanted to go to a rooftop bar in Bangkok in the evening and not at night 😍 #browniepointsearned

Look at how hot and bright it was that evening. Sorry to whoever that is in the photo!

Such a beauty but what a shame half of the twin tower was blocked by a newly constructed building.

For starters, we ordered guacamole, and at the time when I found out I still do not like it.
(Do take note I am VERY picky and also only have a selection of few vegetables that I actually take)

The Fuego Guacamole

Am not a big fan of guacamole but Ivan enjoyed it thoroughly. And the chips was amazing even just on its own.

Fuego Ceviche

I have never had ceviches before prior to this. It was something new (and raw) and surprisingly I find it okay (because I do not take sashimi). Heh.

Salt Baked Potato & Foie Gras

A must try and have! Even the sauce was amazing! It's been a few years since I had foie gras and thinking about it is enough to make my mouth water!

Rare French Beef Flank

Chewy and satisfying! Portion is enough to be shared by 2.

Pressed Potato

Crunchy and super filling! It was good but it took us a while to finish this because we ordered so many other dishes! Would be just nice to include this in with just other 3 dishes but how to do it when everything is so delicious!

We spend a total of 2.5 hours there that day. And all of that while witnessing one of the most beautiful sunset I have seen in Malaysia to date!

Legit no filter at all! It was around 7.15pm when the sky just went bright pinkish-orange with a tinge of purple and blue! It felt like mother nature knew it was my birthday because even the waiter there told us it's usually never like this! Or maybe he said that because he knew it's my birthday 🌚

Right after we were done with dinner, Ivan insisted on me to choose a dessert, like we MUST end the dinner with a dessert of my choice. Deep down, I was half wondering if he pre-ordered a cake or something but since he asked me to choose it myself, I doubted it. But to my surprise, it was all planned that whatever dessert that I choose, it will be decorated as my birthday 'cake'! Super efficient service as this was arranged prior when Ivan called to make a reservation. 

Mini Ivano Magnum

Liquid nitrogen was poured all over the dessert when it was served to create the fog effect, and the waiter made sure I had my camera ready before doing it. 😂

Blessed and happy for the effort put in to make my birthday a special one, and even more grateful to have you in life ♥️

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