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by - December 18, 2018

If you don't already know, I have been quite a stationery junkie since schooling days. Nothing beats the satisfaction of entering a stationery store or department, seeing all the well organized things on the shelf and aisle. My addiction for stationery (notebooks and journal in particular) spiral out of control these past few months. Why? Well, all thanks to calligraphy, I ended up subscribing to a few YouTube channels on bullet journaling and of course calligraphy. So, I didn't just picked up calligraphy but also an interest in journaling which actually has helped me to stay organized and to practice attempting things one at a time (breatheeeeee).

It's now December (oh how time flies) and of course I am on a hunt for the perfect journal to kick start the new year! Lucky for me, Christmas came early this year because ana tomy is in town! When I first heard of their brand and the fact that they customize journal, I went nuts and pretty much made my way to the city the very next day!

They'll be having a booth in Kinokuniya, KLCC till 20th December 2018!

The booth was pretty interesting and everyone was very well guided through the steps. Just imagine a buffet - you stand in a line and go along as the line moves taking your dishes - but instead of food, it's picking up the materials to create the journal of your dreams! That's like a plate filled with your favourite food, but in book form. 


STEP 1 : Choose Your Cover

Ana-tomy offers two types of covers - Paperbound (RM128) and Clothbound (RM148), and the prices are inclusive of everything! You'll be spoilt for choice with the selection of colors they have to offer for both types of covers. From quirky to corporate colours, they have it all!

STEP 2 : Choose Your Inserts

Here, you'll be dealing with a shelf filled with all sorts of inserts / page formats and you'll get to pick 6-7 packets of inserts of your choice. You'll be given a measuring tool when you register. So as long as the number of packets you've chosen can all fit the measurement given, you're good to go. Grid lines, single lines, blank pages or even dotted lines for bullet journal geeks, they have it! There are also other types of inserts available such as calendars and habit trackers. 

For me, I even requested to open up my selected packets and rearrange all of it according to the sequence that I want! I had it in my head that I would like it to be a monthly thing where each months is consisted of 2 different types of inserts........ - those kind of stuff - and I maxed out the nerd side in me. 

STEP 3 : Choose Your Accessories

Colour of your choice on...

...bookmark ribbon...

...pen holder which also functions as the tool to lock in the whole book...

...binding ring... band as well as the colour for your name stamping.


The pen holder is actually a part of a bigger piece at the back of the book which is also attached to the stack of bounded papers. This gives you the option to refill your papers (simply by removing the entire pen holder piece) while re-using your journal cover. You may buy the refills online / pop by their store in Selangor.

Each book comes with a complimentary inner front cover, owner's identity card, world map, table of contents page and labeling stickers.


The packaging for the journal consist of only a big piece of recyclable-foldable cardboard. It gives a very minimalist & hipster vibe and saves you the time in wrapping or buying a gift bag / box for it. 

Watch my unboxing video:

Not sure what to buy for your loved ones this Christmas? Well, you may have found your answer!
Or you know, a gift to yourself to kick off the new year!

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Sincerely, Mels

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